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NOAA Book Charts - Very Cool!

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If you have not already, check this out:

BookletChartâ„¢ (Experimental)

NOAA now makes PDF files of each chart, reduced to 75% of original size and chopped up into pages. These are free, you down load them and print them on 8.5 x 11 paper and you have a nice book for the chart. They also add an index page showing which part of the chart is on which page.

They also plan to update them weekly, so they are essentially disposable. Okay, printer ink is not free but its cheaper than the print on demand charts. Plus these are a lot easier to find space for aboard.

This is an "experimental" product, so let's all send them a note telling them we love these things, and to keep up the great work!
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Thank you for finding this. Looks like it will fill in the holes in the ICW and DownEast Maine.
Considering that the new chartbook I bought at WM turned to pulp in the rain, I guess they're using the same paper.

That is great stuff. Thanks very much for posting!:)
Nice thank you
I found those Booklet Charts some time ago and thought it would be nice to have them. Wait till you try printing them! Must be single sided, not double sided if you want to line them up and join them. Most charts are 20 pages or more and a region consists of many charts. I printed up the entire PNW and there were hundreds of pages, I filled two 1-1/2 inch binders. I won't be printing those for every update. The print quality is great if you use a color laser printer and better if you buy specialized paper. I used regular paper and purchased zip up plastic binders to keep the moisture out. If someone has the resources they could laminate each page to make them waterproof but that would also make each page thicker and require a thicker binder. I keep my binders below out of the wet cockpit and will only bring them above decks in hot dry weather. They may be cool but you really need to have the proper resources to take full advantage of them. (color laser, special paper stock, laminating and a good binder).
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FWIW, you don't need to laminate them. You can buy multiple types/brands of "waterproof paper" which is often Tyvek, or latex, or polythene of different sorts, sold as "outdoor paper" or "Rite in the Rain" etc. One the ink dries--you're good to go, if you use a laser or waterproof inkjet.

Cheapest by the ream, once you track down what works for you.
Here is the reply I got from NOAA after sending a note with a few suggestions. It will be interesting to see what the have planned.

Hey Jim--

Thanks for the kind words regarding BookletCharts--look for some cool improvements
in the future.

Best Regards
These are really neat, I like the idea of the waterproof paper. I found that if you cut of the right edge they will match up better. you could also use the clear sheet covers and then use a wet erase marker to plot with.
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