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We have a cottage near Newport (Portsmouth) and are pretty familiar with the island.

Unless something really strange happens weather-wise, that time will be too cold for really beaching (for your son, etc.), but there should be plenty to do in the downtown area.

A lot is within walking distance of where you will be docked (the harbor) - you can also buy inexpensive trolley tickets which can be used all day to tour the entire area (get off and on when you want) - this way you can see the Mansions, and the general sights.

You can also easily walk the entire town - or bike if you are so inclined. There are even places to rent motor scooters.

If you want REAL Italian food, try Puerinis on memorial or Mama Luisas on Thames.

The other parts of the island are really nice - the beaches and the farmlands, etc...BUT, you cannot easily get to them unless you have a car.

We don't plan that far ahead, but if I am down at our cottage I would be glad to give you the one hour tour of some special places by car. If you have interest or other newport area questions, PM me and I'll give you contact info.

Also note that some very good cruising can be had just going up and down Narrangansett bay. You could go up the west passage and then through Mt. Hope Bay and then down the Sakkonet (the eastern inlet to the bay)...there are places up there to dock for the night also - even up as high as Fall River if you want to see the Battleships (see: Battleship Row)....

Aquidneck island has some magical places, but most people never see them because they are in and out quickly (probably true of a lot of places).

Your son might like the Irish pubs, etc. on the wharfs, harbors, etc...although they are not really as alive on Mem. Day as later in the season.
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