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Noisy, hard start Volvo

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Recently I had some work done on my Volvo D2-55. When I got to the sailboat after the repair to start the engine and test it, it was hard to start it. My engine usually starts immediately on the first push of the start button. To start it I had to throttle up in neutral. Once the engine was running if I brought the throttle back to the neutal position the engine Hill have a very rough idle. When putting the engine in gear it Hill shut down or rattle so hard that the whole boat would shake. There seems to be no transmision problems.

After calling the mechanic he came to check on things and “solved” everything by rising the idle speed of the engine do 1100 – 1200 RPM.

Now everything Works “fine” but when he engine is started cold it makes a very peculiar “Diesel” sound. If I could put it in words I World say that my Volvo is a very quiet diesel and the sound that it makes now is as if it was an “old” diesel that you could tell it was a diesel engine just by the sound of it.

As soon as I throttle up in neutral or put the transmission in gear the sound disappears and it will only come back on if the engine is shut down and turned on again.

Please advise!

Any body knows the idle rpm for a D2-55?

La Bestia
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Yesterday I went to check-up on things at the boat and found that the Transmission Fluid has turned into a grayish milky substance. It seems that the problem that I described earlier is do to water ingress into the Saildrive.

By the little research that I've done it seems to come in through the Saildrive's shaft seal.

Does any body know how serious can this be?

La Bestia
Final Diagnosis

The Oil in the transmission was changed and the Saildrive seal replaced; luckily the transmission was fine.

Finally I found out that the Idle RPM in the engine were to low; I adjusted them to factory specifications and the whole problem is gone.
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