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Non Skid

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Hello, I was wondering if anyone has refurbished (perhaps, repainted) the non skid (aka: TBS) on their Nordic 44 (or any boat for that matter) that has the TBS non skid product on their seems much easier to re paint than replacing it with Tread Master for example. I wonder though, about how the new paint would wear. Also, if anyone has any recommendations re: specific products...


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We've painted our hull and cabin trunk with "Brightside" and used their color-coordinated sanded nonskid on the deck surfaces. We've been happy with it, seems to have a nice amount of traction without being too aggressive. Lasted 4 years so far, just due for recoat this week. Prep was very important, we used two coats of primer then 2 coats of paint and it looked good and held up well.
Ahoy Eryka!

Thanks so much for your reply! Question though...what was on the deck you painted? In my case I have a product called TBS epoxied down to the deck. The best way to describe it, I suppose, would be that it is like a rubberized mat, precut to fit into the deck areas (ie: section by section) and I am trying to fiind a paint that is both compatible and will wear well. I believe the answer is a polyurethane paint mixed with some "grit" and of the correct colour...but I'm not sure.

Thanks again!!

SV Norumbega.
Mmmm, ours is just over gelcoat, I don't know how the paint would adhere to the TBS you describe, or what a compatible primer might be. Brightside is a polyurethane, the basic gloss paint is available in a range of colors; a somewhat smaller range of colors is available with grit. (Or pick a color you desire and add the grit yourself).

This thread would get more visibility and more ideas if one of the moderators could move it to "Gear and Maintenance."
best to remove the TBS and then prepare surface for paint. I doubt anything would last if just painted over the rubbery TBS.
I used Brightside for the bridgedeck I built and Interdeck for the non-skid... worked quite nicely. :)
To Norumbega,
I had TBS on my Dehler and was not able to find out how to get in the states. For some reason they can't export it here from Europe. Anyway, I ended up using a product called " Sea-Dek". I just finished putting it on my boat and it looks great. Much more satisying than using sand or some additive to paint. And it was much cheaper than TBS which I would have gone to France to get- good excuse to go to Europe.
Fair Winds
Roger Vill
Back when Dehler had a few folks stateside that did their best to support the brand (about 2005), I got a new set of TBS precut nonskid panels for my Dehler 36. Big DIY effort to get the old stuff off and new down, only to find that the wear patterns came back in a few more seasons. Not that it got slippery, but brown, rust stain looking color shows through the light gray surface. We race the boat, so the wear may be atypical, but still. . .

I've gotten information from TBS in France about a paint they recommend for resurfacing their material. It's a two part, flexible polyurethane with a polymer bead nonskid additive, but made by another French company, Map-Yachting. I'm trying to figure a way to get a kit of their paint into the US, as they have no distributor here. HazMat shipping may make it too crazy.

Any experience out there with similar paints that are US available?
The guys at Interlux

will probably have something that sticks to what you have. Call them or visit their site.:)
I've talked to Interlux at the Annapolis Boat Show last October, and they suggested Interdeck, their non skid coating. There are only a few colors and the nonskid material is a "fine mineral additive" which I read as being sand. I prefer the polymer additive, as it seems like it will stay embedded in the paint better and longer. Finally, the paint recommended by TBS is listed as being flexible, which isn't mentioned in the Interdeck literature I've seen. Since the base material on TBS is a closed cell foam, a brittle paint may chip.
Further thoughts anyone??
Any update?


I've got the same issue with my decks (worn TBS non-skid). Going to try interdeck, but curious if you found any solutions and / or where you ended up with the Map-Yachting product?

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