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Hi everybody,

I'm new to the forums, but I'm looking for some advise on cruising Desolation Sound this fall. I have a 31' CAL which should be more then up for the job. But I was wondering more about what to expect as far as weather, and wind conditions as well as what a realistic itinerary would be for sailing up from the Seattle area?

I'm looking at starting off around the first week of September, and have about 15 days to work with. What is your guy's personal experiences with this area?


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Unless you're really pouring on the miles, Seattle is a two-three day trip to Vancouver (though we've done it in 31 hours).. Putting that on each end of your two weeks won't leave you much time to explore Desolation.

September can be a great time for this.. the weather is often still summer-like, the crowds are down too. But you will not be having a relaxed cruise from Seattle and back in 15 days. We typically take 3-4 days to get to Desolation from Vancouver, and can easily spend a couple of weeks once you're there.

However if you do pour it on, and have a week to spend up there, some of our favourite spots are:

Copeland Islands Marine Park
Squirrel Cove Marine Park
Teakerne Arm, Cassell Falls and Cassell Lake
Tenedos Bay
Pendrell Sound
Rebecca Spit
Von Donop Inlet
Walsh Cove Park

Many like Prideaux Haven, Melanie Cove, and Laura Cove but we find them too crowded (but perhaps not in Sept)

In this PNW forum I've posted a few cruising threads with pictures to give you an idea.

Enjoy, but alternatively there are lots of other fine destination between Seattle and Desolation if you haven't already done them!

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For few more recommendations

On the way up;

-Jedediah Island
-Blind Bay (Musket Island or Ballet Bay)
-provision at Lund - Nancy's Bakery is a must

You can pick up additional provisions at Squirrel Cove or Refuge Cove.

Roscoe Bay is a great anchorage - enter at high tide only, go swimming in the lake at the head of the bay.

Get the Dreamspeaker Guide to Desolation Sound.

Make sure you have a stern line.


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