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Last year...September...

Was blowing straight into NE Harbor, maybe 10kts. The fog was wispy with the sun breaking through in the harbor, thicker outside. We raised the main and slipped the mooring. Unrolled the jib. Took at least 7 short tacks to clear the entrance. As we tacked out the small barge with a dump truck on it was returning from the Cranberrys. He gave us a wave and a smile. We returned the wave Maine style..low five.

We worked our way into Somes. Closed in to maybe 150 ft. The fog broke at about Valley Cove to bright sun. We enjoyed the sun, turned back into the mist, and broke out again about 100 yards from the mooring in NE. Rolled the jib, timed the turn, caught the mooring, walked back and dropped the main into the lazy jacks.

It ain't the southern ocean, the Caribbean, or the South Pacific. For a couple of months each year, it is sailing perfection.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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