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My family and I are on vacation this week, in Mount Desert Island Maine. We are staying in Bar Harbor and having a great time. Today I hired boat and captain to spend a few hours on the water. We went to Northeast Harbor to sail and I was just amazed at the place!

The entire harbor was filled with beautiful sailboats. The Morris yard is located in Northeast harbor and there were many Morris boats there. We had a little time before the sail started so my son and I walked some of the docks. At the Morris place we saw what I think was a new 46' being commissioned. I have never seen a hull, toe rail, and other parts of a boat gleam so brightly. There were so many Hinckley's there that I couldn't even count them.

Once we got on the boat, a very nice Friendship Sloop, we left the harbor, raised sail, and turned the engine off. The captain was very nice and provided a lot of good information about the area. While we were sailing I could not believe the number of sailboats out and about sailing. I have never seen so many colored hulls. where I sail, the Long Island Sound, there are lots and lots of boats. Most are white. You see a lot of dark blue, some red, the occasional green, and that's about it. Here on Mount Desert Island, I saw light blue, dark blue, light green, dark green, bright red, maroon, black, yellow and more. Few boats were white, they were almost rare. Anyway, it was great to see so many boats out on a nice late summer day.

If you get a chance, go to Northeast Harbor and check it out!



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