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I read your post and just had to respond. I too have just bought a used (1984) Cat 22, 3 months ago. In April I went to the Oriental School of Sailing, this was my first sailing experience. A wonderful school. Anyway, I had been researching a LOT of boats and finally decided that a Cat 22 was about right for me. It was pretty much a fixer'' upper and spent the first 2 months in my drive way. I now know every square inch of my boat. The first real sail I took was on Keer lake on July 4th. It was OK and I will most likely go back soon. But, more to your answer, we took our family vacation on 8/5 - 8/11. I dragged the boat to a marina in Havelock and rented a slip for the week. The family stayed in Emerald Isle, so I drove back and forth. It was a WONDERFUL (but HOT!) week. I think you will have a wonderful time. I would like to advise the following. GET A CHART and study it before you go. The Pamlico is, over all, not very deep, and there are several shoals that you would need to avoid. I was somewhast prepared because in the school we sailed the entire week in the sound. Also it is very handy to kind''ve have in your mind the overall layout of the area. I set 2 references that I kind''ve made my east and west bounderies, which were about 7 miles apart and this worked quite well, you can do a LOT of sailing in that much space. Take a pair of binoculars, the sound is much wider than Kerr lake and you will need them. I would also suggest that you try to make it to Oriental for a few days. It''s the "sailing capital" of NC and has some neat places to visit. I could go on and on, but it''s getting long. E-mail if you would like some more info.
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