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Go for it................
Be patient enough to let the boat teach YOU.
Read as much as you can - sail trim, boathandling, chart reading, etc.
Take ALL advice from other boaters with a grain of salt.
Dont hurry, but be safe (conservative).
Keep a sharp eye for developing local weather (not covered by NOAA broadcasts) - rapidly developing thunderstorms, etc. If it looks bad and the radio says its going to be GOOD, expect the worst.
Be sure to make your wife a **full and equal partner** in ALL decisions and handling of the boat - MOST IMPORTANT - if you dont follow this you wont ever get a larger boat and/or you will learn to sail ALONE or not at all.
Never ever SHOUT unless to prevent a catastrophy.
Never follow a tight schedule or press hard to reach a port .... unless weather is really threatening.
Get a MUCH bigger anchor and longer rode than the one you have.
Get mosquito netting for the companion way, hatches and opening ports.
Keep it FUN.
Welcome to the sickness called sailing!
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