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Look on e-bay. Get a few and polish them.

For those that have cam cleats and line clutches, what exactly do you do with the long tail of line? I was about to replace a horn cleat on my mast, hadn't even thought of that problem.

(sorry for the slight thread drift)
I use halyard hangers like ( Ronstan Utility Hanger (2 Pack) ). They work much better than trying to jam a halyard onto a horn. And while they have bolt holes, I just epoxy them places, all over the cockpit, near winches, ect. For a couple of bucks they make storing coiled lines easy.

Mad Machine,

Those is a cheap clutch that failed quite embarisingly. Since the load is in line, to have the plate open like that indicates a pretty weird failure method.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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