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Observations From the 'Field'

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Well into our second cruising season I felt it was time to pay back all the help we received from this forum by adding some of my observations on equipment options. I do not presume to be an expert on any of this stuff but there maybe something useful, particularly for those just starting out on their cruising.

I have posted material on our blog so that I don't have to reproduce it in multiple fora. I hope that works. Feedback appreciated.

Topics addressed to date (hopefully search friendly):
Doyle sails
Pryde sails
Power generation setup, Renogy solar, Morningstar solar controller
Garhauer hardware
Navigation tools, Raymarine E7, Navionics charts, Garmin apps, Explorer charts, Activecaptain
Spectra watermaker
Seafrost refrigeration
Communications, Bahamas cellphone, Globalstar , OCENS, Iridium GO, Xgate
Mast pulpits
Weather options, Saildocs, WeatherTrack app, PredictWind

A few ideas:
Dealing with finger breaking cupboard latches
Stopping max prop anodes falling off prematurely
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Graham -

Good information. I like the idea about painting near the bolts of your anode to keep them from falling off early.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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