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Ocean baby rescue underway off Mexico

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A U.S. Navy warship reached a crippled sailboat hundreds of kilometres off the Mexican coast and was preparing Sunday to complete the rescue of a sick one-year-old girl.

"...the sailboat, which does not have steering or communication abilities" - this can't be right. According to the article the sailboat takes on water when the engine runs, so "It's now slowly moving using only the sails." Doesn't mention any issue with the rudder etc. I guess that must be another example of journalistic accuracy in action.

I hope all goes well with the transfer, and with the family's voyage.
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Children have be on the sea since humans have been on the sea. Me thinks they are probably much safer there than on the congested highways of this country. You put your children in a car for anything but for what is essential, what kind of a parent are you?
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I am really sick of hearing others here and on Rebel Heart's blog criticizing the parents right to take their child off shore. Such strong, close-minded, uniformed zealots ranting and attacking these very loving parents is despicable! This is like mob mentality. Most have no idea what cruising, sailing or even sailboats are like and most have no idea of just how many kids are out there with their parents. All this talk about " call CPS, make them pay", is such holier than thou crap that is just sickens me. I know people like you. Let us hope your foul, nasty ranting's come back and bite you. Leave these people alone!
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Way off subject C Jack, but California aggressively goes after absent fathers where the mother receives welfare. I have had to withhold money from employees pay for years and send to the state welfare dept. Get the facts Jack, you sound like a silver spoon boy. With such a massive amount of my tax dollars going into defense, the military out to be out here mowing my lawn, (at the least), or fixing my streets, or doing a little gratis rescue work! Welfare is a big problem in this country, but the biggest recipient is corporate America.
This thread. beating a horse to death. I don't think we are going to learn much more from this story. Let's let it go. There must be some subject more worthwhile than RH.
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