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Ocean baby rescue underway off Mexico

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A U.S. Navy warship reached a crippled sailboat hundreds of kilometres off the Mexican coast and was preparing Sunday to complete the rescue of a sick one-year-old girl.

"...the sailboat, which does not have steering or communication abilities" - this can't be right. According to the article the sailboat takes on water when the engine runs, so "It's now slowly moving using only the sails." Doesn't mention any issue with the rudder etc. I guess that must be another example of journalistic accuracy in action.

I hope all goes well with the transfer, and with the family's voyage.
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According to this post from a few minutes ago on Cruiser's Forum, the boat was scuttled:

Charlotte from Rebel Heart contacted her sister, Sariah and stated that RH was scuttled by the Navy due to a leak on the boat which made it a navigational hazard. Family are all fine including Lyra. Steaming toward San Diego.

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