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Back in the mists of time, (2002-2006 or so) I owned a MacGregor Venture 21 with three other people. I don't recall the year model of the boat, it was older, old enough that it just had Venture without the MacGregor name. We bought it on a whim and sailed it for four years until one of the group got a wild hair to restore it. He got about halfway through the project and life got in the way, so we ended up selling it to a guy that had two early teenage sons that needed a project to keep them out of trouble. It was a great little boat for what we used it for and we definitely got our money's worth out of her.

So, to the odd feature. The boat did not have a forward hatch, she had a v-shaped depression, sort of a well, that took up most of the bow. It was wide enough for two average sized adults to sit side by side and long enough the that your legs stayed just inside the "well". There was a drain connected to a hose that went straight down through the v-berth and emptied into the sea, just two open holes connected by a plastic hose. In rough seas, water would blast up through the hole like a blowhole as the bow pounded into the waves.

I've never seen another V-21 with that feature, in person or in pictures and none of the MacGregor advertising I have found lists it. It's almost certainly a factory feature. We ended up using it for sunbathing or filling with ice and beer, since it had a direct drain into the water.

Anyone ever seen this or have a clue what it was for? I don't have many pictures of her anymore and none the ones I have show the bow, I'm going to contact some of the old crew and see if they might have a picture showing what I am talking about.
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