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I would like to get some advice/suggestions of items to include and/or a contract that someone has used in the past, under similar circumstances.
Some delivery captains want to have a gold or better credit card with your name on it when you are not on the boat.

It can really be a pretty good idea if you think about it.

Some minor problem happens, maybe something as simple as contaminated fuel.
He gets to a safe harbor.

With your card he makes the call, gets the tank emptied, fuel polished or replaced and filters changed and is back in business in one day.

Without your card he is on the phone trying to track you down. Yard will not take payment without card present. Have to sort that out. Finally after three days you get sorted out. Miss your weather window and now have to pay for slippage at $5 per foot for a week plus extra travel expenses. All told the delay costs you an extra 3k easy.

If you don't trust the guy with your card maybe you shouldn't trust him with your boat.
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