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Oh Joy refit 9/16/09

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Since there's gonna be so many, I decided to start dating them.

We made progress on the bulwarks once I got some more tools for the job. As you can see, the screws are monsters and those stainless spikes they used weren't small either.

I cleaned it up off the boat to show the true color of the wood. It still needs bleaching and some minor repairs.

This is the mess it left. Note the ragged screw holes that weren't in either the sheer plank or the deck but between the two.

The boom is cleaning up nicely.

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This is really cool seeing your progress Charlie. Thanks for updating.

I'm amazed at the beauty of that wood. You are going to have an absolutely amazing boat dude.
Yoiks! What a lot of work... good going Charlie. Can you see the light yet??
The wood on this boat IS amazing. I've had wood guys and woodenboat guys all say they've never seen wood with as clean or as nice a grain as what she has. It's one of the reasons I'm gonna hand cut the replacement bungs myself. I'm hand fitting the hatch frames as well.
The light is at least a year away I'm thinking. I just keep chipping at it and soon enough I'll run outta things to take apart and start putting her back together. I may still have to pull the house if I can't get the deck plates out.
Is it that it's the "old growth" stuff since it's an older boat?
Probably so. The cabin and cockpit sides are single cut boards. Ya ain't gonna find Honduran or Luan like that anymore.

The biggest piece of Honduran I could find lately was 4"X8"X8' for $300.00. Just big enough to cut some needed joinery out of. The bulwarks were originally 35' pieces of clear grain single board Honduran. Various hickeys (like Hugo in Puerto Rico as a cat 5) resulted in some scarfs being put in. Very, very nice work and wood but not original. She was one of 7 boats in the anchorage out of 83 to still be floating after Hugo. Not without having other boats thrown against her though. Hence the damage she took. This story per the PO who owned her then.
I like the blood on the shoe...the sign she has got under your skin..:)

Hey can you feature my sawzall in a shot someday..Brawhahahah!..:D
I just packed that thing back up yesterday. It was sitting in the cabin. One of my boys asked me if I wanted it in the tool cabinet and I told him "Nah, put it in the case. I just borrowed it and need to get it back.";)

Oh she's been under my skin a lot. Usually daily.:)
Must be good to know you are working with top stuff. At our age a year's not far away! You'll be sailing soon. Are you going to drag Stillraining in the dink, or will you let him in the cockpit?.:confused: :laugher .........i2f
Nah, he'll be welcome at the helm. I keep having to increase my tool collection every time I turn around. Always something needed to do the latest difficult little task.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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