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Hi Jeff
I am not familiar with your setup, therefore I can only guess. The "drippless" I know are usually water lubricated.
But : On one of the big machines I am dealing with on my job on a daily base we have an oiler, that is similar to what you are describing. Essentially the oiler makes sure to keep a big shaft oiled. While on your boat the shaft is moving and the armatur (drippless shaft seal) is stationary, in my application the shaft is stationary and the armature is moving, but I guess that doesnt make a difference. And of course, we don't need to seal against water. Anyway if there is a fitting/ nipple soneone engineered it for lubrication and after working for you for so long, just keep it lubricated. We are using just oil used for airtools. Works for us, but of course it's nothing "marine", but it seams to serve a similar purpose. I assume, there is some kind of lining riding on the shaft that needs to kept oiled.
Just my 2 cents, trying to help.

Btw I just relocated from Florida to beautyful Annapolis and will (work related) stay for 2 years before I retire early to go cruising full time.
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