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Old dog new tricks

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My husband and I are still about two years-out from retirement. Among other things, we'll be looking for a boat in the 40-45 ft. range, after completing Master's license at Trafalgar school.

I have no exoerience, But my husband spent summers at Stamford YC and as a wharf-rat at Lindstrom's boat yard near Yacht Haven, Stamford Harbor, '59 -61. Also, he sailed 18 ft Mersury sloops in Harvard-Basin, Charles River, Boston summers '58-64. (See why we're going to take lessons? Hmmm.)

Since then, nada. That's why we'll be taking courses and charters in Galveston area before heading-off to Trafalgar Sailing School in 2012.

Some Hunter boats have headroom he needs (he's 6'5") but they get low trans-ocean ratings...hull flexing in gales, etc., Halberg-Rassey has a nice headroom model in that length range, but beyond our budget, plus we don't want/need teak decking. Fiberglass preferred.

What boat (s) should we be looking for (above 40') that have comfortable cabin/salon height for him? So far, all we've found are Hunter DS 45. Catamarans are out...not our "thimg" And speed secondary to comfort/safety.

He's tall, 6' 5". I'm 5'7" He's the chef. I'm the details person. We've worked, side-by-side in our businesses for thirty+ years, so no problem getting along together in tight quarters.

Hailing from Houston, we LOVE air conditioning, so it's going to be essential in some areas, but we understand what it means to be "polite" (re. generator emissions) in anchorages. The trans-ocean thing will be rare (if at all) but we'd at least like a shot at it (ie: Maine to Lisbon) in a good, ocean-worthy boat. Most of the time, however, we'll be in Carib-Brazil-Vancouver areas.

We've previewed lots of blogs about couples loving their 38' boats, but the boats we've found in that length range don't have the headroom he needs for comfortable live aboard. Suggestions? We want a used boat, not new. Will consider 2002 to present. (present meaning 2002-2012) when we're ready)

All advice/siggestions are welcome.

We have specs downloaded on LOTS of boats. But comfort (headroom) is the key. And many mfrs. gloss-over salon headroom. Hmmm.


Terry Mc.
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