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Oldest Around, Solo, Non-Stop

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Anyone following Dr. Stanley Paris? Cool boat! Dr. Stanley Paris ? Kiwi Spirit, a custom designed 63-foot yacht

I wish him luck.

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But do I agree with the ratios? No, not really. A good sailor can make a bad boat work but a bad sailor can't necessarily make a good boat work. I reckon the ratios are reversed.
I think Chichester found that Gypsy Moth IV was not nearly as good a boat as hoped but he still managed to make it around the world. I think he stopped in Australia to get work done on the boat so he could finish the trip.
Seems to me that it is 100% the boat, 100% the sailor, and 100% luck. You need all of them in place, If any of the three are not there you have problems.
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1 - 2 of 74 Posts
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