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Oldest Around, Solo, Non-Stop

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Anyone following Dr. Stanley Paris? Cool boat! Dr. Stanley Paris ? Kiwi Spirit, a custom designed 63-foot yacht

I wish him luck.

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Does anyone know the brand and model of the autopilots he is using?
NKE? Wow. They are used by the Vendee Globe folks and they are pushing their boats I lot harder. I must say I am surprised.
A problem with the installation sounds more likely, to me... After all, an AP wired correctly should shut down when the breaker is tripped at the main panel, no?
Agreed. There is a good reason that 90%+ of the Vendee Globe folks use NKE autopilots. And while they certainly carry spars just in case (think singlehanding in the Southern Ocean in a blow in an open ocean 60), they generally don't have to use them. And they have enough confidence in the NKE units that they will set them on the "course to wind" setting with the shoot up and go below and sleep for 4 hours. You really have to have faith in your autopilot to do that.
I doublehanded in the Newport-Bermuda Race this year and the Raymarine ram died 300 miles from Bermuda. (Hand steering while racing is difficult with only 2 on board.) Granted it was a 17 year old unit. The Raymarine dealer in Hamilton replaced it with a new one for the return delivery. Five weeks later it died too. Prior to the race we had trouble with the new Raymarine E-120 unit. The local electronic repair shop in Connecticut where we took it for diagnosis said that thankfully he worked on Raymarine products as repairing them provided for a comfortable living. In general I stay away from Raymarine these days.
1 - 4 of 74 Posts
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