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One-day sale on WestMarine paints

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I thought you might be interested to know that Westmarine has a "Fantastic Friday" sale on their WM-branded paints today.

I've used Pettit Vivid the last 4 years, but want to change to a traditional ablative this year. I was thinking of Pettit Ultima SR-40, but Practical Sailor shows PCA Gold giving similar or better performance at the 20-month mark. So for $159 I think I'll give that a try this time.
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On my old boat I ended up alternating between Pettit SR-40 and PCA Gold based on whichever was cheaper when I went to purchase it. Sometimes the name brand paint would actually be cheaper on sale combined with mail in rebates.

When we bought the new boat, the old owner had been painting it with Hydrocoat (the non-SR version) and we continued doing so. Even though it’s only been a single season so far, the Hydrocoat isn’t performing any worse than the more expensive biocide paints. And in addition to being cheaper, it was easier to apply, much less smelly during application, and easier to clean up. We’ll see how it continues to hold up going on a second season.

One thing with the biocide paints I noticed on the old boat is that the slime reducing properties only seemed to make a noticeable difference for the first 3-4 months after launch. By the time the water’s extremely warm in July and August, the only things that keep the soft growth away are having the boat cleaned regularly and taking it out for a good sail (or motor) not less than once a week.
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