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One-day sale on WestMarine paints

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I thought you might be interested to know that Westmarine has a "Fantastic Friday" sale on their WM-branded paints today.

I've used Pettit Vivid the last 4 years, but want to change to a traditional ablative this year. I was thinking of Pettit Ultima SR-40, but Practical Sailor shows PCA Gold giving similar or better performance at the 20-month mark. So for $159 I think I'll give that a try this time.
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ve used the PCA the last 4-5 yrs or so on my boat. For here in Puget sound, works well.

Rumour has it, it will be getting a slight formula change. As Bayer bought the rights to the algacide, and did not renew the license. So the copper count is going up to make up for no ALgaecide. The algaecide is why I like it over the Micron I was using, as I seem to have more algae issues on the hull vs hard stuff. At least this is the case for me any how.

Time to find a paint with some other algaecide version in it.

Not sure if NCN and Irgarol are the same per say. If it is, then why is the copper content up vs the version with Irgarol? Generic versions are supposed to be equal to name brand versions. So more copper to make up would/should not be needed. I would have to look at the actual chemical name of the NCN to see if it is the same.

I know in the Horticulture field, Round Up/Glyphosate comes in more than one brand. Ortho sells it as Kleenup, Lilly Miller as Knockout. They all list glyphosate as the active ingredient. So would need to do the same with NCN and Irgarol.

I will be interested in knowing how the new formulation works. As I will need to repaint in the next 6-12 months. Altho I may do a complete sand down, epoxy and new paint. With the new regs in Washington state coming with no copper after 2020 or there abouts, I may go with one of the non copper based paints.

You could be right, I might be thinking of a different algaecide. OR, BASF just bought Irgarol. Any way, I was talking to a Interlux rep at the local boat show in February, he made the same comment about one of the algaecides going off the market due to someone not renewing the license with the feds.....which is screwing up supply on some paints for the last 2-4 months. Almost corrected. A person that knows Petit pretty well was also telling me the same thing.

Next time we meet, not that we have.....I'll bring some of my bodacious crow pie, you bring the drinks!

1 - 4 of 18 Posts
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