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Crazy! Apparently we avoided most of the severe weather by heading south to Onancock and then Smith Creek. We got some wind and lightning/rain. One cell had 45 knot winds though.


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I was returning home from Solomon's to the Rhode river, and was hot to get home at a reasonable hour.

I was watching the weather radar on my phone the entire trip. I observed the worst cell break in two, and slide just north enough to make it safe to continue sailing.

Lighting flashed regularly in the distance, but kept moving north of my destination, so we just kept truckin'.

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We are in Delaware City and were sitting in the cockpit with calm winds when I heard it coming. I told the Wife to get below and she was a bit slow about it so I was outside when it struck. The first blast of wind went from zip to maybe 40 knots in under 5 seconds. It was just a sharp edge of wind. After the initial blast I saw winds at 32 knots for a minute or two before it dropped off substantially to about 18.

It would have been real easy to have been knocked down.
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