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2004 Tohatsu 6hp 4stroke EX Long shaft - starts and runs great - no water from the impeller.

Tore into LC, all looked good - adjusted the shift mech, new oil, new impeller, reassemble - no pee.

After looking about - found a suggestion on using wire or weed whacker line. Just so happen to have a foot of the whacker line on my bench.. so shoved up as far as I could.. about 1/4 inch. Sprayed with carb cleaner, ate dinner, shoved more line - about 1/2. This time I made the end a bit flatter and sharper. Spun it about like a drill, back and forth.. cm by cm. Greasy tan colored stuff was coming out on the tip.. More spray, more spinning line.

Then the break though! More spray and more line - up to 3 inches now. One last spray.

Then fired up and pee like a race horse.. whew.. no $400 shop bill and 6 weeks without my kicker.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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