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I'm looking for a form or program for an online maintenance log that I can run on my Apple computer. It can be a simple spreadsheet program or something more. Hopefully, free. I just want to be able to keep those records on my computer and not write them out in long hand. Any suggestions or solutions?
I know everything is on-line now-a-days. However, let me suggest to do your maintenance logging the old fashion way, and here's why.

1. When you're at the boat and you don't have your computer, you'll need some data.
2. When you're at the parts store, you'll need some part numbers, data, something.
3. When you sell your boat and hand over that log to the new owner... he will speak well of you forever.

My boat is 34 years old, I am the 3rd owner. The little binder (those neat little binders that had like 8 rings in them) that orignal owner started, the 2nd owner continued and now I have it. Every single little bit of maintenance and upgrade ever done to the boat is in that book. It's historical data (it even smells old). Both previous owners kept it on the boat as do I.

Just my input. - Dave
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