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Opencpn, weather, questions

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Hello everyone!

I live in Atlantic City, NJ. I just purchased a 1984 O'Day 26. It is currently up in Forked River, NJ. I am trying to find a day to bring it down, preferably a sunday because its the only day both my brother and trusty first mate friend are both off from work to help crew the boat. I am still learning about weather windows and was wondering if anyone could help me in helping to find a good day in the next few weeks to bring it down. I am going to stick to the ICW because it will be my first time running the boat. It has a great 8hp honda with electric start and very low hours (incredibly quiet too! its difficult to even hear it running at all from the foredeck) but i figure if something goes wrong and i am in the middle of LBI i will be at least 20 miles from the closest inlet and thats a long time for BoatUS to get to me.

2) i downloaded OPENCPN for my macbook. I can't seem to figure out where to download the charts though.

3) Where do people get those wind direction and speed prediction maps?

4) I was surprised to learn today that on top of everything he has for the boat he also is giving me an old Nautech auto helm 1000 and i am so stoked! I don't think he ever used it but the boat is already rigged up for it. Does anyone have any experience with this model auto helm? It is the kind with the analog compass on it that you spin to select a heading. I am so so so so excited about this. I am going to be single handed a lot and I like to troll striped bass and plan to take some nice voyages this summer so i have a lot of use for one. I just hope i can figure it out and its in serviceable condition!

Thanks for your time!

-one happy camper!
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... I am still learning about weather windows and was wondering if anyone could help me in helping to find a good day in the next few weeks to bring it down....
Welcome to SailNet and congratulations on your new boat!

You don't mention what your previous boating experience is but your questions lead me to believe that you're new to sailing.

First, if anyone here can predict when a good day will be "in the next few weeks" then they're doing better than any professional forecaster. :)

Weather just doesn't work that way.

Typically when I know I want to sail I start checking the weather 3-4 days before, looking to see what's going on out west and might potentially head my way. Then I monitor each day and readjust my schedule as necessary.

Those windows slam shut on a dime.

Additionally, 20 miles out on a new to you boat with a low HP outboard is risky. Especially if you're a novice about reading the weather.

Are you relying on your laptop for your charts?
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