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Opinions on Shipwright Harbor Marina in Deale?

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I am considering a slip there, but I came across a blog reference to ongoing electrical and water issues that has me concerned. It looks like a nice marina.

Shipwright Harbor Marina

Blog post noted: Mariner II: Travel Blog: Vote For Change?


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According to that blog the pricing was about the same as Herrington South. If Shipwright is really trying to get HHS pricing I'd go talk to either HHS or HHN (cheaper than South).

Also, the Rockhold Creek channel has had a shoaling issue for the past couple years.
Thanks for your feedback, T37.

I wrote to the blogger. The slip he was offered in HHS is right next to a noisy pool and he ended up declining. It sounds like like Shipwright's issues might be resolved, but I will ask them directly. Their prices seem to me to be at least 25% lower than HHS.

I'm in Rockhold Creek Marina now and am aware of the shoaling issues. The slip I am considering at Shipwright is one of the ones that is well out from shore and on Traceys Creek. I'm hoping the shoaling issues will be lesser there (if you know otherwise please let me know).


Maybe you've already made your choice, but in case you haven't...We've had a slip at Shipwright for the last year and we like it there. We've had no problems with electric, water has always been there, (though they had a quality problem for a week last year). The facilities are decent, other boaters are nice.

Herrington North is right across Tracy's Creek, but it felt a little too "clubby" for me.

It looks like they've been dredging this winter to alleviate the shoaling in the channel (which affected Shipwright and Herrington North).
Thanks, arf145.

I decided to stay where I was on a month-to-month, right next door at Rockhold Creek Marina. They've given me a wide slip (that was an issue) and a better location (end of a T dock). It's a casual little marina and I like the people, so for at least the next year I be there. I do like Shipwright, though.

I appreciate your reply.

Fair winds,


I took my sloop out last Sunday from HHN and saw up to 11 feet in the "bowling alley". They've done a good job dredging, and the intermediate nuns and cans are gone (no longer necessary).

I took my sloop out last Sunday from HHN and saw up to 11 feet in the "bowling alley". They've done a good job dredging, and the intermediate nuns and cans are gone (no longer necessary).
That's good news. Thanks for the update, Spiritman.

Sorry to "drege" up an old thread -pun intended- but We've decided to give up our slip at HHS and move to Shipwright in the spring.

Hope to meet some of you Shipwright Sailnetters soon, if you're still around.
Best marina around for the price!
We've been there for years- and even went through their difficulties after hurricane Isabel.
But I've found the facility to be clean and well provided, the staff is friendly and helpful, and although it took awhile for the electrical issues to be resolved, everything is in great shape now.
We love the location and wouldn't dream of getting a slip anywhere else.
As for the previous comment of people being overcharged...?? What!
Are you stupid? or just making things up because you're disgruntled? It's pretty simple math actually. In the 8+ years we've had a slip there, I've never heard anyone say anything even close! We have lots of friends there, so I'm sure I would have heard about it if it were the case.
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