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Opinions on total-package electronics brands?

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I am looking to completely re-outfit my boat with electronics. I'm looking for opinions on the best single brand to build my system with. I would like full integration of autopilot, fishfinder, anemometer, knot meter, GPS, radar, weather, etc. I don't intend to purchase all the components at one time and therefore require a continually expandable system. I know all major marine electronics companies (Furuno, Raymarine, etc) utilize some network like this... so which brand is better? I've heard opinions that Raymarine is overpriced, unreliable, and the support is spotty? Is the same true of Furuno? Is there any other viable option better than them both? Garmin?

Any and all opinions are much appreciated.

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Any real reason you need/want everything from one vendor? IMHO, some vendors do somethings better than others...
Some areas limit you to one vendor, such as networking. If you have several Raymarine seatalk instruments and want to connect them to a chart plotter, for example, I believe it will have to be a Raymarine chart plotter. We enjoyed a lightning strike recently and are getting to change out some electronics. We considered getting some Garmin stuff, but it would have meant changing out most of our Raymarine stuff (autopilot, etc.) to make it all compatible.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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