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Hey guys, and gals,

I saw a boat named Story a while back, out of Gibralter Mich. If a boat was a woman, I would have asked her to marry, and I'm happily married !. Anyhow, I saw the teak decks, (BTW I think she was a Morgan hull, perhaps 45', and the gent had laid her hull and built her himself, quite a ....Story!)
Anyhow, it got me thinking about my brightwork which was steadily fading into obscurity in front of my eyes, and a pain in my sailing buds eyes... his boat , on which he spends at lest three to four days per year sanding and preping, is a Bayfield 32, and has more bright work than sail area. He always talks and I hear others go on about the latest product that will stand up to the elements.... ya da ya da ya da.... I have put too much stain on decks to be fooled by the latest product, and Story's decks were beautiful, and, I might ad, bare naked, just the way a beautiful woman or man if you go that way , should be !
So I have taken of the last remaining shreds of sikkens, or whatever the last owner had painstakingly spread about, on our handrails, hatch cover etc..... ( we do not have a teak deck.... yet !) and am considering using what my wife has on our maple kitchen counter tops, orange oil mixed with beeswax.
Now I apologize to those of you who like brightwork, and have done the above, but I am leaning towards just leaving it bare, and calling it the sandlewood look....but my wife is pushing me to the oils, and not in the fun sense...but I'm not convinced about the efficacy of the oils and wax, have any of you adventurous souls used or heard of this method ?
Thanks for any advice, and especially any mockery; my buddy can't sway me, but the [email protected]#!#[email protected]???. :p
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