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I think that you have gotten old fuel that may have picked up moisture as alcohol is prone to do. My results with the Origo is that it is pretty comparable to the normal marine propane stove burners (rather than the later burner that is on some). We had done a similar comparison some years ago that I put up the results on one of the threads here at the time.

If you good fuel grade alcohol there is no smell at all.

Had a free moment, so did some searching...


You know I keep hearing people who have never used them talk about slow heating time on Origo vs other stoves. Over the course of the evening, we did an experiment at a recent raft up. Using the same pan, no lid, and measuring cup and water from the same water jug, several propane stoves and my Origo. Using full heat on all stoves, the propane stoves averaged to just over 7 minutes 30 seconds to heat the water (if I remember correctly we were using 4 cups of water) to boiling (defined as the point at which 5 bubbles appeared on the bottom of the water or the first bubble broke loose from the bottom or rose to the surface), and the Origo averaged well under 8 minutes. It should be pointed out that several propane burners were measureably slower than the Origo while one propane burner was very noticably quicker than the others. This probably was not the most scientific experiment.

As to the heat output issue, Propane does put out more heat per pound than Alcohol. There is no doubt about that. But what is almost always ignored in these discussions is that the design of the burners between catalyzed alcohol and propane stoves, or pressurized alcohol for that matter are very different, allowing the catalyzed alcohol burners to put out similar heat to a propane stove.

Note that a rolling boil is probably a better threshold for accurately measuring performance.

There are a lot of threads here on alcohol stoves, like this one:

It's fairly straightforward to search Sailnet using Google. Just use terms like this:
alcohol propane water
comparison alcohol propane​

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