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Andrew , being me, has been AWOL from SailNet for a couple of months now due to the perils of trying to run a business in these dodgey times. Actually that is not quite true. It's easy to run a business in these dodgey times, the hard part is doing it at a profit. :D Anywho, I'm back.

And most definitely not ignoring you Knotty as you now know cos I asked about the AV in another thread. Most assuredly, had I seen this thread I'd have whipped off a message to you post haste.

Cheers to you and I hope you and your old friend did make contact.

Wow, Suzie. What a small world. I look forward to getting your PM. If you need to rack up a few posts, just go to the off topic forum and post some nonsense in the Song thread or something.
Andrew is the one moderator here that I thought wasn't ignoring me. I could be wrong.
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