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An absolute blast of a weekend! Attended the Rally for the day on Friday..talked to all the vendors and got some ideas and recommendations for new gadgets and add ons. Talked to a guy from Montreal and he advised to not cross the Canadian border using the I-81 check point if I didn't want to wait an hour and half.. So I diverted around Watertown up Rt 37 and crossed the border at the Ogdensburg bridge(only a 5 min. wait). Now that bridge made for a new pucker factor..1 mile of steel grate which made the wheel feel like spaghetti in ones hands..

Dove for three days with three dives days per day. Interesting a few of the wrecks where just inside the main channel of the occasionally one could hear the Thump..Thump..Thump..of the seagoing freighters overhead.. Visibility was down a bit..normally it's supposed to be around I had to run a reel (guide line) from the wreck marker anchor to the wreck(good practice). Current was in the 2-3knt range. Lots of zebra muscles(gloves mandatory). Water temps very comfortable with a 7 mm wet suit...probably around 70F from top to bottom. Varying conditions of the wrecks some where wood..others where iron. Then drift off the wreck with the current to a predetermined position using time distance calculations..hopefully finding the pick up line/chain. Safety stops at 20ft while holding on to the chain, before being picked up by the dive boat, I felt like a flag fluttering in the breeze..that's how much current there was..

Coming back I used the I-81 bridge..there was no wait. While crossing the bridge I could see why it's called the Thousand Islands region..literally thousands of little islands covered in tall pine trees no more then a couple hundred feet from one another. The ride home was uneventful until reaching the Allentown area when the heavens opened up..arrrgg.. One tank of fuel for the 400 mile return trip in just over 5 hours. Not a bad weekend.

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