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Out Island 37 (372?)

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I like the looks of the Morgan Out Island 37, but can hardly find any information about them. has a listing, but I can't find any diagrams of the interior layout, copies of old brochures on them, or any other real details.

So, anybody got a link to more/better information?

Also, does anyone know for sure if the OI 37 and the 372 are the same boats, or are there differences?

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I have a 1976 41 oi island have no issues at all. The hull is an inch or better thick. No flex and the deck is sealed well ,never leaked. I did have to reveal the none opening ports. The standing rigging in in great shape,just had it inspected and need to replace twos wedge fitting. Just take it out with some friends in some stiff weather and give it he'll. do have the rigging checked out cause most surveyors don't check them.
I found pictures on Google by typing Morgan 372 out island.
Good luck.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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