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Out Island 37 (372?)

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I like the looks of the Morgan Out Island 37, but can hardly find any information about them. has a listing, but I can't find any diagrams of the interior layout, copies of old brochures on them, or any other real details.

So, anybody got a link to more/better information?

Also, does anyone know for sure if the OI 37 and the 372 are the same boats, or are there differences?

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No offense, but I don't think Morgan ever made a boat that they called an "Out Islander." They made a wide variety of boats, in a range of sizes, that they designated "Out Island" (no "er" on the end). So are you asking about the Out Island 37, or some other size/model?

I sincerely appreciate the jpg posted by Bob. I also found this page, which has some pictures...

The layout of the boat in the pictures is clearly different from the diagram that Bob posted, so I'm guessing that it came with different, optional interiors. But that's just a guess. Maybe this is the difference between the OI37 and the Morgan 372? Though I have seen other things that say that OI37 and 372 were just different designations for the exact same boat.

I don't know. In any case, this still remains (to me, at least) a somewhat mysterious model of the Morgan Out Island range.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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