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Pretty much did a five hour motor trip today. My outboard, which I don't have much experience with yet usually charges the batteries to 14.6. But today when I approached the anchorage they were reading 14.8 to 14.9 according to my chartplotter and my multimeter said they were at 14.92.

When I shut the engine down they dropped right away to the high 13's.

I'm sorry I'm so paranoid about these batteries. I've just heard of people cooking their batteries before and want to avoid that.

Is there a problem here or am I worried about nothing? Is there anything I need to do?

Edit. Yamaha says it puts out 6A and has a regulator or rectifier.

It was only once I poor aches the anchorage and started turning off all the power hungry things I was using. Stereo, autopilot, inverter to charge my phone, chartplotter and depth sounder.

Could turning a lot of things off at once have cause a temporary jump? I've made this trip four times now and it never got over 14.6 which I read is ok for gels.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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