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Well, I finally got my genoa car situation sorted out.. I'll post some pics and the solution on that thread tomorrow. My wife and I went out for what I thought would be our first sail of the season, today.. finally! Perfect day, not too hot, nice 10-12knot winds... perfect! Too bad we didn't leave the slip... grrrrrr..

Sadly, the single-lever dual action engine control mounted on the port side of the cockpit froze up in reverse. I had trouble with it going into reverse reliably last year, so I went to work on it before we headed out to make sure we wouldn't have any problems, but it was worse than ever and eventually jammed. I'm talking about the control mechanism itself; the cables are brand new, and the engine shifts beautifully by hand.

SOoo.. I disassembled the whole thing and then removed it from the boat. I want to replace it. I have no idea what model this thing is, but it fits in a 2" diameter cutout; no other cuts required other than three screws into the fiberglass to hold on a flange.

Is there a drop-in replacement available, i.e., something that requires a 2" hole? I can't find any specific mounting information or templates for most manufacturers online. The Uflex B85 or B183, Teleflex CH2100, or Vetus SICO or SISCO all seem like they'd do the trick, but I'd like to know more about mounting them before taking the plunge. Anyone have any info?

I'm in a pretty big yank to get this taken care of. If any of you have something used in decent condition lying around that would work and you'd be willing to sell me and ship quickly (at my expense), I'd be most grateful. West Marine, about the only place locally, has nothing in stock.

The boat is a 1972 Pearson 26, the engine is a 1987 Johnson Sailmaster 8hp, and the cables are new Teleflex cables, but I don't remember the model number. The control ends terminate in a threaded rod.

Anyone? Mr. Bueller? Anyone?!?

Thanks again...

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