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Lets see vapor lock = happened...
Broken fuel line = also had it happen.
Stupid safety line kill switch pin dropped out = also had happen
I've had the primer bulb on the fuel tank collapse on itself, starving fuel... it lets the motor run for a few seconds then with any acceleration or throttle, stall!

Lemme give you one you've not heard... I had a built in fuel tank, that the cap leaked some... I'd tilt the motor out of the water to sail, so fuel would drip down the top of the cowling... well, I fired up the motor to get back, and it backfired! Igniting the trail of fuel, with a tiny explosion, then an active burning fuel line back up to the cap.... thank god the cap was tight, or it'd been ALL OVER. Scrambling to find the extinguisher to put it out (by the way, I ran to the foredeck - solo sailing) ready to jump when it blew... figuring the larger explosion was coming... when it didn't I scrambled for an extinguisher, and put it out... crazy me, fired it up after that, and it ran fine (cowling melted a little)...

Funny related joke... I sailed with someone who was a newbie... I did my typical vessel safety list... "life jackets here, first aid here, extinguishers here..." then I get a weird look... Why do you need a fire extinguisher on a sailboat in the middle of the water? I laughed, and said, A) anytime there is fuel and a motor, or electricity, you need to have some way to put out a fire and B) I've already had to put out a fire with one... so don't tell me it doesn't happen... Talk about a look of shock!

All this on a tiny little inland lake no less.

PS: I have a 1980s Evinrude 7.5 sailmaster... it has a primer bulb on the fuel line (2 stroke), and also a choke... so they aren't one or the other.
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