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What about just plain flooded? That's usually my problem when someone pulls too many times, typically with choke on. the only cure seems to be five or ten minutes. This can be an eternity when the danger is close.

Or--the deadman lanyard clip is dangling and not on the stop button. Guilty. Stupid but in a panic people don't notice stuff.

And yeah, on that pinched fuel line that splits at the worst moment--on the boat where i teach, it's possible to pinch the line severely right at the motor fitting, if you tilt the motor up "wrong" and it gets jammed by the deck. The quick fix is to just cut away on both ends, and slide the "new" hose end onto the old fitting. the existing hose clamp can make this a slow process if you have to loosen it or pry it open a little so you can get the old torn piece off the motor end of the fitting.

Above post is right, "write what you know". this is what I know about the Nissan 4, or Tohatsu 6, or several of the small motors, learned the hard way..
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