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outboard HP for 9ft rib

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OK, so it seems like the time has come to upgrade our dinghy, and I'm thinking that a 9 ft ab aluminum dinghy is my best bet.

But I'm not sure about the HP. It's listed as max 15hp. There are generally only two of us, but if we have any extra weight from groceries or there's a bad chop, we have trouble planing with 6 hp in the Caribbean.

Anyone have any experience with a similar dinghy? Clearly we need at least 10 HP, but should we go for the extra weight and gas of a 15 HP?

Thanks for any input,
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Well I have a 9 ft rib but a heavy GRP one. I have a 18hp Tohatsu 2st which rarely gets used above 1/2 throttle. But it does need full throttle three up to get it on the plane.

It is worth noting that in the Eastern Carib the Tohatsu 18 hp is cheaper than the 15 hp despite them being essentially the same engine, same weight etc.

I have had a 8 hp that would not plane my old hypalon bottom dink until I fitted Dolphin Fins, they do work!
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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