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Outboards for sailboat

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I''m buying a 26'' sailboat. Need to buy an outboard. Any advise on what brand. I''m looking for a 4-5hp long shaft. Any brands people have had really good or really bad experience with. Also trying to decide on 2 or 4 cycle. I know the 4 cycle is a lot cleaner, but the 2 cycle weighs less for most brands (~10 lbs less), you never have to worry about changing oil and I''m not worried about efficiency (and I''m not in California). I''m just going in and out from the slip for daysailing. Is there a big difference in noise between 2 and 4 cycle?
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I have a 9.9 Nissan Four Stroke on my 22Ft Columbia.
It weighs at 112Lb. but it pushes the boat great. It does not fit into the well anymore so I have it on a 4 stroke outboard bracket on the transom. It is quiet, clean and it charges my battery.
1 - 1 of 28 Posts
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