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while it will work youll see many just dont like using anything but "real" marine ovens and burners

in all honesty any small camping stove or small little galley can be made to work

there is nothing inherently special in marine grade cokkery other than gimballs, pot retainers, and the better use of stainless etc...

some are really well made though and worth the price

im saying this from a cooks perspective

you can also make a secondary shutoff valve thats not a big issue

where are you located?

I always persue craigslist and its awesome what you can find sometimes

force 3 ovens, old alcohol stoves, kerosen gimballed stoves, etc...all for a song or being sold for next to nothing

btw that pic shows a stainless lined oven most likely but the top and sides of the stove itself and probably the liners and racks are most definetly not stainless....

having said that my boat originall came with an enameled oven with 2 stainless anywhere on that cooker...and its ORIGINAL...

I also dont see any shutoff valve built into the set either

my 2 cents
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