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My advice is IMHO (only):

Stop! You seem to have done more upgrades to your boat that I have in my 13 years on my boat!

Buy nothing now until you are very close to leaving. Technology is advancing so fast you are just wasting money:

Flares are obsolete. Buy only electronic flares. The cost of pyrotechnic flares and the very short use by date makes them a joke.

Do not buy SSB radio, nor any Satellite system! SSB, as mentioned, is obsolete and has been obsolete for years. Starlink maybe available for boats in only 8 months. That will be an absolute game changer. PredictWind will work with Starlink. (or any internet service.)

Yes, plot and plan, but you may be best suited going first and buying later. Its only on your cruise can you really tell what you need. Or as Captain Ron said ....


8,591 Posts
The SSB radios haven’t been turned on and used in over 12 years; unless you’re part of some kind of old folks rally, you won’t find anyone on the receiving end of your broadcast. SSB is totally useless these days, a waste of money. If you have an emergency, nothing beats a Sat phone with a basic plan on an iridium 9555 phone, just pick it up and dial for help anywhere,
😂 🤣 😂 🤣 😂

All the grace of a brick wall... But Izzy is right.
In April this year I was mid-Atlantic doing a trip from Cherbourg, France to the Caribbean when the Auotpilot conked out.

With Iridium Go I was able to have a friend in Portugal fault check it with me with instant SMS, straight through to anyone with a phone number world wide. Instantly. He did some great research on the net and hassled Raymarine Tech support in the UK, and finally we needed a phone call while I was down in the lazarette with the quadrant and the errant Autopilot on a normal mobile phone (cell phone) using its wifi, just like a normal phone call.

Emails via SSB do not stand up to the speed of email on Iridium Go, nor SMS text messaging or re-time phone calls.

SSB will set you back more than US$4,000 with the unit, tuner, plate, antenna and the wiring.
Iridium Go is
Icom SSB:
ICOM–150 Watt HF Marine Single Side Band Radio (SSB)
ICOM 150 Watt HF Marine Single Side Band Radio (SSB) | West Marine

PredictWind Iridium GO! Marine Package
US$ 999
Iridium GO! - PredictWind

And thats the full marine package including the external antenna that you can easily install yourself.

Starlink will wipe Iridium Go off the planet in the same way Iridium wiped SSB off the planet a decade ago.
To go with obsolete $4,000 payout compared to $999 when 2 people who are actively cruising/ocean passage-making now, suggest otherwise... and no active cruiser on this thread has recommended SSB over Satellite... means you need to reassess the information available. (I don't know if @GeorgeB is actively ocean passage-making)

Sorry to sound blunt in my posts. I just don't want to see anyone blow $4k and then have to blow another $1k while they wait for Starlink. Wasting the $1,000 was bad enough for me. I just bought my Iridium Go at the beginning of this year (after my Iridium 9555 needed upgrading) and I consider it to be without value the day Starlink arrives.


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