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I'd like to see the output on a normal day. 100w at 14.3v should be pumping out about 6.9 amp hours.
(My twin 140's pump 22ah+ on good days)

Show me anywhere close to that and it's a good deal for flexible panels.
100 W @ 14.3 V gives about 7 Amps (not Ah, that is the integrated Amps over some given time). Peak power! Cannot do any better.
OP says, and it shows, it was a cloudy day, 2.3 A is not bad.

Achieved power also depends on other factors as the angle to the sun. Me, living at 60 degree North I never achieve peak power rating.

Another factor is the battery status.

All in all, not a bad result the OP show us. If you are happy with your panels (seemingly producing more than declared power)- congrats!

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