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P 165 self bailing?

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So any Precision 165 owners out there or anybody who can explain the self bailing system for me. I sold my jet boat 2 years ago that was self bailing but we are talking 0-30 in seconds so yup, the water just flew out. The manual for the P 165 says self bailing cockpit which I understand however it does not say the cabin is self bailing but does have a 2" cap in the floor. It states if water gets in there to use a bilge pump. Now I am wondering if I need to wire in a bilge for this. Thoughts?

I drive to Milwaukee Sunday to get the boat...better not snow!
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I doubt the bilge is self-bailing or the boat would sink. I'm not sure if all P 165s come with an electrical system, but a manual bilge pump is a good idea. You best bet for good info is to go on the Precision forum at That's where most Precision sailors congregate.
I think the P165 has positive floatation (foam under each berth)...
However, there is MANUAL bailing, and then there is MANUAL...
the most obvious manual is a bucket.
the 2nd most obvious manual is a beckson pump...
Beckson Thirsty-Mate Series 124 Manual Bilge Pump
Then there is always the electric pumps for the bilge... as I recall the P165 has a tiny battery and electrical system, so adding a regular bilge pump (electric) is possible.. but might be overkill...
Drove to Milwaukee today and got the boat. Seller had a hand pump for the drain in the cabin. Just a hand pump with a hose to the cockpit which is truly self bailing.
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You are gonna have so much fun with that boat. That and the Compac 16 are 2 great starts in the trailerable keelboat world... Personally I think the P165 is a bit more performance.

I've seen our local P165 out in 20+ on a regular basis. Doesn't seem to bother him.
I sure hope so. The previous owner had it as his first sail boat and took sailing lessons which I and my wife will do. He said he loved it out on Lake Michigan and would commonly be doing a beam reach on a very windy day and only heeled about 20-25 degrees. He sold it due to having 2 small kids and he is moving up to a 24 footer.
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