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I found a package deal for a Raymarine C-80, with GPS antenna, and 2kw radome. But, I'd like to find the same package deal for the C-120 display, with GPS and radome. But I was unable to find a package deal that would actually save me money as compared to buying the radome and C-120 separately.
Anyone know where I can find a good package deal for the C-120 and radome? Or should I just save the $1,000 difference and go for the C-80 deal?
Contact Raymarine directly. This is their push and quantifying where you are at whom you shop at etc - will yield the best results. Your other alternative other than online shop - print and - go in to store... With the 120- being the wide screen display and you didn't actually mention you wanted their HD radar... you may find some creative options....
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