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Hi all.
I replaced the packing in my PSC 34 and used the special lube in it.
Getting the nut set to the right tension is proving frustrating.
With the nut set to give the target 2~3 drips/min in forward, it will drip a lot when not turning.
With the nut set to not drip when the shaft is not turning, I get no drips when in forward. Leaving it like this and doing a 1.5 hour engine run, the gland did not get hot but still no drips and it is squeeking at the end of this run when turning at ~2k/min rpm.
The difference in nut tension between the two states described is less then 1/2 a turn. Also the gland seems to drip a lot in reverse.
Should I leave it as is? Back off to get some drips and live with the leakage when the shaft is stopped? Thanks for any advise.
Regards, David
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