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paint on original non-skid surface

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I am trying to understand how the paint job was done on my non-skid area. I believe it was painted with Awlgrip and it has sand/grit in it.

There seems to be about two coats of paint on top of the original non-skid surface, one white and one beige coat, but the white coat may just be the primer. While removing some Silicone (not to digress, but silicone on boat decks is stupid) I chipped some of the paint off and it revealed the surface under the paint coats. The original pyramids or bumps exist and there is a rubber-like filler used which appears to be something you do before putting new Awlgrip on.

Here are my questions:

1. What is the rubbery stuff under the paint?
2. Is adding this stuff a normal process in putting the Awlgrip on?
3. Is it possible to remove it with something like Interlux Interstrip Paint Stripper?

I am asking these questions as I am seriously contemplating removing this paint.
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all i can say i'd try some stripper on a small area, maybe right where you could put some treadmaster if it messes up the desk at all.

i would bet the rubbery stuff is really epoxy or gel coat filled with something that the paint attacked and softened
Actually, some of the non-skid formula paints use a rubbery additive to the paint, rather than sand or something harsher. :)
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