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There was a recent thread about interior paint choices here:

You are right, there are a lot of choices. There was a recent thread about this, see my posts and others in above link but in a nutshell, I personally like 100% acrylic latex paints for interior work. Some will say latex isn't as durable or tough as oil-based paints, I haven't done side-by-side testing in a boat environment so I can't say if this is true. But I do know latex is much better than it used to be. For me latex has been tough enough, and I like the low fumes/easy cleanup of water-based finishes (latex is water based, traditional finishes are oil-based). Some people apparently use latex for painting the exterior or their boat even below the waterline ... dunno if I would do that but the fact that people do this might say something about it's toughness. Here's the link to the guy who paints his boat's bottom with latex: Latex Paint for Boats
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