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Palmer Inboard Marine Engine

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Does anyone have experience with Palmer Inboards? They used International Harvester but it has "Palmer" stamped on the putting this in my 68 Columbia 36' sail boat....
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I ripped mine out...cause the manifold was done and no replacements are to be found other than that they are great engines similar and or better(some say) than the common atomic 4

I was about to rebuild mine but bailed.

what info are you looking for? I saved some pertinent links a while back if your interested
you have a lot of info there...gaskets to go is where you get the new copper head gasket made as if steel it will corrode in no time

you also have a page for parts, where to get the electronic ignition, also the place that sells the harvester overhaul kit with pistons, rings etc...

and exhaust drawing for a dry stack system I beleive and other links for the pumps and whatnot...

hope it helps

1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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