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Getting ready to purchase a boat. I'm currently living in Ensenada, MX as a US Citizen. My mailing address is in Las Vegas, NV. I personally hate bureaucracy (filling out forms, jumping through hoops, paying taxes etc) but realize they have bigger guns and cages so you have to play the game to some extent. I want to minimize this though, and make it as easy and inexpensive as possible.

Currently I see two options:

1) Buying a boat in San Diego/maybe LA and then relocating it down to Mexico. My questions on this are, in trying to avoid the deathtrap that is California bureaucracy/taxation:
a. how quickly do I have to get the boat out of US waters to avoid California taxation?
b. Do you register the boat in Nevada or with CoastGuard or ?
c. Can I get the registration paperwork done in the time I need to relocate the boat out of the US to avoid California State stuff?

2) Buying in Mexico (Ensenada, La Paz, San Carlos, Mazatlan). My questions are:
a: Most of the broker websites state they do the actual sale in the US. I'm assuming in CA. Is this accurate assumption? And if so does this throw me into the California deathtrap or just a minor step?
b: How do you go about buying from a private citizen in Mexico (if that citizen is a US citizen)?
c: How do you go about buying from a private citizen in Mexico (if that citizen is a MX citizen)?

Am I missing any options?

Thanks in advance.

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I believe the sale and signing of paperwork has to be done in international waters the the vessel has to be out of country for 90 or 180 days. That was over twenty years ago so I'm sure laws have evolved to make it harder. Call a broker and ask the question you asked here, they will be up front and advise you correctly.
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